Spice up your menu

Spices, onion, herbs, garlic and cheese: these are the world’s most popular flavours used to add some panache to frozen potato products. In Europe, Asia and the Middle East, the big favourites are black pepper and chili, but garlic, onion and a combination of all flavours are popular in combination with potato (source: Innova Database 2019).

Mydibel has responded to this trend with two spicy products: MyCajun Fries and MySpicy Wedges. The coating on the MyCajun Fries is flavoured with onion, garlic, coarse black pepper and paprika. MySpicy Wedges taste moreish thanks to the unique combination of garlic, onion and paprika. Real flavour explosions that elevate any eating moment to a higher level.

Want to spice up your menu? You know where to find us!