From potato to fertilizer, Mydibel gets what's in it!

Did you know that 1.3 billion tons of food waste is produced worldwide every year?

At Mydibel, we are committed to respecting Nature. That is why we continue to look for ways to get the most out of our raw materials as efficiently as possible.

On our own Green Factory site, 350 tons of potato waste are processed every day into green energy (electricity + heat + steam) via a bio-fermentation process. This means that today, within Mydibel and Gramybel, we can make use of 100% green energy (82,9% self-generated green energy – 16,2% purchase green energy – 0,89% via solar panels). The remains of this biofermentation process form the digestate Myfert.

Myfert is rich in phosphate, nitrogen and potassium and is the perfect fertilizer for potato fields or other crops.  Finally water that is used in our production processes is purified at the Green factory site and then re-used for washing potatoes.

Mydibel expects to exceed the threshold of 50,000 tons of Myfert produced by 2020!

We are proud to say that Mydibel is a model of circular economy!