icon-blog Farming 30 Apr '19

The planting of our potatoes is on schedule

We are pleased to announce that the planting of our potatoes has started on time. The planting of the early crop started two weeks earlier than in 2018, which is right on schedule with the usual average of past seasons.

For the late potatoes, we are also on track and not only did we start planting on time but especially the weather conditions and the soil structure are excellent for planting effectively.

We are still continuing to plant a diversity of well-known potatoes such as “Bintje” and “Fontane”. In addition, we are also are expanding the number of planted varieties. Indeed, each variety has specific properties of resistance, (drought, diseases, ... etc) which allows us to spread our risks even better if we have to face exceptional weather conditions for the season 2019. This allows us to equip us as best as possible to obtain an assortment of potatoes that corresponds best to the quality and the specifications of the products that we produce ourselves, in particular with varieties known for their length.

Finally, we have planted 2% of new potato varieties on our test fields in order to identify those that we should try to exploit on a long term, given future climate changes.

We also find that for EU5, the planting area increased with about 1.7%. The EU5 are the 5 largest potato growing countries in Europe: Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, France and the United Kingdom. But the planting is not finished and for the moment, they are still only estimates.

Planting for Mydibel will normally be completed between May 10 and May 15, 2019, and all potatoes will be in the ground. The first step before our potatoes become Mydibel products is already almost done!