Mydibel in times of COVID-19

It is certain that the Coronavirus has consequences for the local and global economies. Everyone is asking a lot of questions…

  • How drastic will the effects be?
  • How long will it take?
  • Which sectors are vulnerable, which sectors are resilient?

Today, most of these questions are difficult to answer. But we can assure you that Mydibel is closely monitoring global developments regarding the COVID-19 virus.

First of all, we ensure that the health and safety of our employees is guaranteed day after day. We strictly follow the government directives to make working from home possible and to respect the rules of “social distancing” in production.

Mydibel will do everything in its power to continue to meet the demand of the global food chain. The supply of our main raw material (potatoes) as well as our packaging material is secured. Together with our entire team and all our partners and suppliers, we will ensure that we can continue to produce and we are ready to meet the needs of our customers worldwide.

We’ll get through this together!