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Días de Patata Mydibel

Mydibel Potato Days

Mydibel could not celebrate its 30th anniversary without the people that make it possible every day… our potato partners. Potato processing and the potato market go hand in hand. So, Mydibel and farmers have grown together. Among other things, this has brought about modern storage warehouses in recent years, modernised machinery, new varieties of potato, and significant evolutions in the areas of fertilisation, disease control, and germination inhibition. We celebrated this successful collaboration on 29, 30, and 31 August during the Mydibel Potato Days event.

All Mydibel partners that have delivered potatoes to us in recent years were invited to the celebration. ‘Place to be’ was the family farmhouse of the family Mylle that in the meantime has been given the name ‘Het Bintjeshof’. Years ago, Roger Mylle’s love of potatoes arose in the farmhouse that is located near the Mydibel production site. It was also the ideal base camp to get together and look back at the past and forward to the future to at least another 30 years of passion for potatoes.

During the Mydibel Potato Days, those interested could visit the test plot to see the ongoing research on potato varieties. At the production site, specialists provided leaflets and described the new state-of-the-art production line that was put into operation in the Summer of 2017. And, of course, everyone had some tasty Mydibel fries and a festive beverage, got acquainted with each other, and enjoyed all the delicious products Mydibel has to offer before going home. Both the guests and the entire Agro team enjoyed the event and clinked glasses. They toasted the long-term collaboration and to a beautiful future with potatoes taking the leading role.

Test field for potato varieties research

The test field for potato varieties research was located this season at a plot near the family farmhouse of the Mylle family. During the Mydibel Potato Days, the farmers were able to acquaint themselves with the permanent potato varieties as well as the potato varieties that will make their mark on cultivation and transformation in the coming 10 years. Jointly with two partners specialised in fertilisation and crop protection, tests were also set up to show the environmental and economic effects of, among other things, alternative germination inhibition methods, methods to improve and optimise tuber formation and tuber quality, and methods to combat Alternaria fungus.