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INTERVIEW Mydibel partner in Jordan

National Trading & Distribution Co. in Jordan is a one-stop shop for every household item under the sun. From food and tableware to electrical appliances and catering equipment, National Trading & Distribution Co. has it all. CEO Tarek Khoury thought he knew a fair deal about fries, but when he was presented with a bag of Belgian fries – by Mydibel, of course – his eyes were truly opened.


“National Trading & Distribution Co. was founded by my father, Sami Khoury. More than 40 years ago, we were one of the first companies to travel to China to import electrical appliances. Step by step we expanded our range and evolved into the household name that we are today, operating throughout Jordan with an unparalleled total combination of products. We are now also one of the leading importers of cheese in the country and have increased our portfolio to include dry, fresh and frozen foods. We recently moved into larger facilities near the airport to accommodate our growing workforce, which currently consists of more than 500 employees.”

“A few years ago, I visited SIAL, one of the largest food and beverage trade fairs in the world. At one point, I was strolling by the stands and my stomach began to growl. Suddenly someone handed me a bag of fries. An absolute delicious treat that I enjoyed to the last mouthful. Intrigued by the flavour, I started searching for more information about Mydibel’s Belgian fries as soon as I got home.”

“Jordan was introduced to fries about a decade ago by some frozen potato products imported from Egypt. But these products are nothing compared to the products from Europe, let alone the premium quality fries that they serve in Belgium. National Trading had never brought fries onto the market before, but when I sampled them at SIAL I instantly knew that we had to have them in our range!”

“I’m very proud to be an ambassador for Belgian fries in Jordan! We don’t only love the flaavour and the quality of the fries, but we also love the level of service that Mydibel provides. After five years of intensive collaboration to market traditional Belgian fries, and with market demand only increasing, we also see opportunities for Premium Crunch fries and mash potato specialities. Our appetite hasn’t been satisfied yet. Mydibel can keep those delicious potato products coming! (laughs)”