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Charla sobre papas

A word about potatoes

The 2018 season started slowly. Depending on the region, the wet soil delayed the planting of the early harvest compared to a normal season. In some cases, creating a delay of up to three weeks. The planting period for the seed crop was actually quite normal, which was completed earlier than the planting of the early harvest. Local powerful storms with large amounts of rain in combination with other factors, led to lower yields with significant regional differences.

The much-needed rainfall was absent during the most important growth period of the early and half-early harvests. In fact, the limited amount of rain that fell in the months of June and July was insufficient to save the early and half-early harvests. The outcome was lower yields per hectare for non-irrigated fields, yields below average for irrigated fields, and smaller potatoes and thus shorter fries.

Just like the early harvest, the main harvest suffered badly due to the drought and the extreme temperatures. This resulted in growth retardation and an accelerated ripening. The rainfall in mid-August did little to recover from the damage. The yields from the main harvests throughout Europe were also below average. The potatoes were also smaller and thus the fries shorter. Exceptionally high temperatures were measured in the potato field ridges due to the extreme heat. In combination with the rainfall mid-August, it led to additional problems, such as sprouting and glassiness. Independently of regional and variety-related differences, we can summarise the 2018 potato season as one of unprecedented situations.