What does “natural” mean for you?

At Mydibel, we are committed to meeting the needs of consumers. That's why we regularly consult large databases dealing with food trends.

In the third quarter of 2019, one of these websites conducted a survey with more than 29,000 respondents in 40 countries to explore consumer attitudes and buying behaviour, packaging preferences, general health concerns and consumer views on the health impact of 50 food/beverage ingredients.

Most European countries were included in the research together with Colombia, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, South Korea and UAE.

We decided to focus on the notion of "natural" and what is striking is that, on the whole, consumers have a fuzzy definition of it. Information from this report tells us that more than half of the world's population considers "natural" to be synonymous with real ingredients, without preservatives or free from synthetic ingredients.

This is very good news for our potato products because they are made with real ingredients that, moreover, are known and familiar to everyone.

We therefore want to reinforce this message to our local markets: Mydibel branded products are made with real ingredients (mostly “potatoes”), are free of preservatives and are processed in a way that respects nature and in a rather minimal way compared to other foods. Most of our ingredients are of vegetable origin and GMO-free.

What is observed as well is that the appeal of “natural” varies with age. The younger generations are very receptive as well as the eldest ones. This is explained by on one side the purchasing power of the younger generations (generally in employment, dual income, …) and on the other with the desire of the older generations to take ownership of their health.

If you were interested to access the whole presentation, please send us an email to marketing@mydibel.be to request a copy.