Food 5 Oct '14

Tasty and different: finger food

How can you transform your mini-röstis, potato noisettes and spicy potato quarters into scrumptious snacks that are impossible to keep away from? Find out here!


Potato Bites, Noisettes and Spicy Wedges from Mydibel are perfect as finger food.

Fry for 3 to 4 minutes in the deep-fryer at 175°C and present in an attractive manner: 

1. Prick the Potato Bites - bite-sized small röstis - on a wooden cocktail stick and serve with an Aioli dip sauce.

2. Combine the Spicy Wedges - crispy potato quarters seasoned with garlic, onion and pepper flavours - with a red chilli sauce for that hot 'n' spicy touch.

3. Prepare a skewer with Mydibel Noisettes - potato noisettes made from fresh, creamy mashed potatoes in a crispy jacket - and serve with a guacamole dip.

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