icon-blog Family 25 Oct '19

Sharing knowledge across departments at Anuga

On our path to growth, we think it is key to involve more employees in each step of the Mydibel strategy. That is why we decided to organise a draw, giving four people from different departments the opportunity to learn about their colleagues’ expertise. At Anuga, these four experienced first-hand how our Sales & Marketing team handles important trade shows. 

With more than 1,500 exhibitors and over 160,000 trade visitors from almost 200 countries, Anuga is the number one international trade fair for the food industry. In other words: the perfect opportunity for our four team members to see how our sales force builds long-term relationships with clients.

Aurore Voiturier (Shift Production Manager), Flore Vanhemmens (Agronomist), Florie Heuls (Quality Controller) and Patrice Vienne (Team leader Cut Products) were chaperoned throughout the fair by Audrey-Laure Verhost, responsible for customer communications. She focuses on fairs and customer events and was the perfect Mydibel team member to lead the four winners around the fair.

Emphasising exchanges

The overall aim was to emphasise the exchange between Mydibel colleagues, but also take it one step further and look at the market as a whole. The four guests were taken through that day’s events, introduced to customers and partners from around the world, and asked to join a Q&A session. They even had a chance to chat with Romain Cools, General Secretary at Belgapom.

Of course, they also tasted all our new products, experiencing them just the same way a client would. While this provides insight into the sales department at the heart of Mydibel, we thought it equally important to let our winners gauge the trends in the rest of the food industry. “It was interesting to observe the strategies adopted by other companies and to collect ideas for improvement for future Mydibel participations at trade shows” says Aurore Voiturier.


Giving it our all

This day proved to be the perfect moment for our four winners to discover the work of their colleagues in the Sales and Marketing departments. It has made us realise something, too: it is paramount for Mydibel to showcase the importance of all the efforts made by each member of the company. From the reception of potatoes to the sale of finished products, leading to the ultimate success of closing a deal with a new customer — we need everyone on board to make sure we give it our all.

This contest was born from the idea that it is necessary to engage employees every step of the way. Mission accomplished! And to be repeated… in 2020!