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Happy Potato Family

Mydibel invests further in the Happy Potato Family

Motivated staff make all the difference at Mydibel. Which is why the company continues to invest in talent and team, education, and new working styles. Read more about how the Happy Potato Family grows and prospers both inside and outside.


Mydibel recruits its talent from both inside and outside the company. Our family character and our passion are unique advantages that we like to see reflected in the relationships between our staff. Which is why the following selection criteria are key:


Mydibel provides the necessary courses for both internal and external recruits. This ensures every colleague has the right knowledge and skills that are essential within the company for now and for the future. Given the automated and computerised environment, we currently make additional investments in qualified technicians and operators. But, inspiring leaders are also a priority: driven personalities that act as an example, that coach and guide, point the way, and empower so that everyone can develop optimally as a person and employee.


Mydibel goes all in to have autonomous teams to achieve its growth objectives. An autonomous team focuses on a high degree of collaboration and on taking communal responsibility that a task is completed successfully. Each team member takes on a particular role and responsibilities. The whole team takes decisions to solve operational issues. Developed with the assistance of Peter Rosseel (professor at the University of Leuven), an intense selection process based on leadership, personality, and scenario tests were carried out. This led to Mydibel engaging nine team leads in the potato specialities department (production and packaging). A team lead is no standard leader, but more of a coach that works to develop all of the team members so that self-confidence grows and everyone takes on more responsibility over time. Once the autonomous teams of the specialities department are in full operation, this working style will be implemented in all other Mydibel departments.


The Mydibel Academy is a school where we learn from each other. It’s not a teacher in front of a group of listeners. Rather, it involves active students who take turns organising a training session. This ensures that individual knowledge and skills are supplemented with the expertise and knowledge of the other Academy members. Themes vary from finance and the sharing economy to peer-to-peer working, which always provides added value for Mydibel and its staff .

Mydibel Academy added value:

  • One day a month, the opportunity to continue to learn about technological and social changes that impact our daily lives and Mydibel.

  • It is not a form of standard training. It is training customised to meet the needs of Mydibel and its staff and it’s highly relevant for each participant.

  • Participant’s engagement is higher. Everyone is free to suggest themes.

  • The focus of our autonomous teams is to reinforce the internal relationships and foster collaboration within the group.

  • This results in a better understanding of the operations and specific challenges in the other departments, which allows everyone to perform better in their job.

“Education and growth. The record set today is the new standard of tomorrow!” Marc Van Herreweghe


A Mydibel ambition is to continue as an autonomous family business. We want to make a difference to our customers by focusing on selective markets and sell high-quality and innovative products with healthy margins. Today’s challenge? Mydibel wants to boost itself to a higher level by utilising digital technologies to innovate its organisational, operational, and business model. As part of this endeavour, Mydibel introduced the Extended Leadership Team (ELT), a platform of diverse experts supplemented with People and Business Leadership. The ELT pointed Mydibel in the right direction in its transformation journey towards being a Company of the Future.

What does ELT do?

  • In a collaborative manner, it manages the company and makes decisions jointly with the management committee.

  • It translates strategy into practical measures and takes responsibility for implementing these measures.

  • They are Mydibel ambassadors and agents of change.
  • They communicate with the entire company to provide information and a clear message.

  • They collect all of the necessary expertise and information so the right knowledge is available for all projects.