Korea favours spicy


Koreans love spicy food. The spicier, the better. Luckily, the perfectly spiced potato products by Mydibel are readily available from Korean foodservice retail outlets, thanks to Total Food Korea.

Total Food Korea is Mydibel’s importer and exclusive distributor in South Korea. The company has been working with Mydibel for eight years now, and this partnership is just as wholesome as the products we bring to market together. «We are a family business, just like Mydibel», they say. «Our strong partnership is based on shared values. Family values, in combination with consistent development strategies. We look to the future together and respond to trends. Shoestring and Crinkle Cut are big favourites here, especially in foodservice, but Koreans prefer proper spiciness and for this reason we also launched the MyCajun Fries in 2018.

The combination of onion, garlic, black pepper and paprika is a perfect fit with current trends and it is extremely well-received. MyCajun fries are a perfect snack and have proved to be very popular in the Quick Service sector and in beer restaurants.»

Add a drink: guaranteed enjoyment!