Improvements High Bay

In its quest for more efficient, sustainable and responsible growth, here are some examples of changes made by Mydibel in the High Bay that have shown excellent results:


Over the past year, Mydibel has experienced real growth in sales and production volumes (over 10%) and, for the coming years too, growth will be at the heart of our concerns.

This growth goes hand in hand with a constant increase in pallet flow, both from production to the warehouse (IN) and from the warehouse to our customers (OUT).

In order to remain in control of this increasing throughput, it was high time that logistics and technical service joined forces and sought the necessary improvements.

The main challenges to be met in this respect were:

  • Maintaining truck loading in 1:30 hour maximum (pallets out)
  • Ensuring continuous production (pallets in)
  • Increasing the reliability of our High Bay (cold storage warehouse)

David Fack (Logistics Manager) and Dimitri Loosvelt (High Bay Technical Service Manager) took up these challenges and identified all areas for improvement to make the most of the High Bay

Here are some of the improvements implemented:

  • Increase in the speed of the installations (lifting, unstacking)
  • Total involvement in repairs
  • Performing more preventive maintenance
  • Reduced peak periods due to better load distribution
  • Faster pallet stacking
  • Adaptation of software for better use of facilities (e. g. transit routes)
  • Reporting and monitoring of the most important performance indicators (downtime, truck loading time)
  • Weekly follow-up meetings to review actions taken

The results are impressive:

  • Our trucks are now loaded 20% faster than last year (on average 1:20 hour between check-in and departure).
  • High Bay follows the regular flow of pallets from production
  • 25% fewer plant breakdowns (cranes, conveyors)

And the story is not over...

When a failure occurs, we redefine actions to further increase the reliability of the High Bay.

We are also continuing to look for ways to take greater advantage of our High Bay to stay one step ahead of volume growth in order to continuously improve our service level to clients.