Immersion at Mydibel

Last December, Mydibel welcomed Byung-ik Yang “Ike” (the son of Yong Woo Yang, founder of Total Food Korea, Mydibel's South Korean partner) for a two-week observation internship.
It was an opportunity for him to familiarize himself with Mydibel's various departments and to deepen his knowledge of our wide range of products and how we operate.
Ike also took the opportunity to explain to Mydibel's Sales and Marketing teams consumer trends specific to Korean culture. In addition, Ike used his knowledge of the Korean market to make various suggestions for improvement to Marketing.


Ike recounts his experience:

"I am really honoured to have completed a two-week internship at Mydibel. Thanks to the partnership between Total Food Korea and Mydibel, I learned a lot about your company and how the products travel from the field to the consumer's plate. All the employees of Mydibel gave me a lot of consideration, which has further strengthened the ties between us.

This experience has also increased my motivation and that of our teams in Korea. Before this internship, as a Junior in the Total Food Korea sales team, I was wondering what the best approach to take towards our customers was. A lot of things still seemed vague to me and I had many questions.  Now I have a more accurate idea of how Mydibel works, how it produces, its sales strategy, etc.

As soon as I returned to Korea, I met several customers with whom I was able to apply the knowledge I gained from this experience at Mydibel. I praised the efforts of Mydibel's quality department, from reception to product production.

In conclusion, this experience has allowed me to identify new elements that support Mydibel's credibility and attractiveness compared to competing companies. I am very confident for the future of Mydibel and for the prosperity of its partnership with Total Food Korea."