Food 9 Oct '14

The Golden Frying Recipe


Heat the frying oil and maintain the temperature between 160°C to 175°C.

Fill the basket halfway with fries - never more. Hold the basket next to the deep-fryer when filling it, so that no crumbs or ice flakes fall into the hot oil.

Give the basket a shake after about 30 seconds.

Cook the fries till they are golden-yellow in colour. Make sure they are not too brown or dark in colour.

Shake the basket and allow them to drain.

Do not hold the fries above the warm oil, otherwise they will become limp.

Place the fries on paper towels for a while just before serving and serve as soon as possible.

Remove crumbs or other bits left in the oil.

If possible, use separate deep-fryers for fish, potato products, etc. to prevent flavours from mixing or cross-contamination with allergens.

Bon appetit!