#Foodheroes at Mydibel

Covid-19 has a big impact on our lives, our daily activities and our overall behavior. But one thing hasn’t changed, we all continue to eat and drink. Not only because it is essential for us to live, but also to create a moment of comfort and enjoyment with the few people around us in these difficult times.

The food sector is and continues to be vital!

That’s why Fevia (the federation of the Belgian food industry) has launched #FoodHeroes: a campaign to give these food heroes the support and gratitude they deserve. Fevia wants people to share pictures, videos, selfies… on social media using the hashtag #FoodHeroes to thank the people who are working in the food sector.

All our employees at Mydibel are real #FoodHeroes! Every single one of them works hard and continues to be dedicated to keep the production of our delicious Mydibel products up and running. Our Mydibel #Foodheroes are here for you and ready to answer all the needs of your market!