Easy potato solutions

We currently experience a rising demand for the dehydrated potato products: granules and flakes with their wide range of applications.

Did you know that granules and flakes can be used as an ingredient in products such as dumplings, croquettes, donuts, pancake mixes, as well as a binding agent & moisture-retaining agent in bread, meat products, soups & sauces, pastries and other products?

Next to these applications, our product Instant Mashed Potato solutions (flakes and granule mixes with milk, butter, salt & spices already added) can also be used for hot and cold preparations of instant mashed potato. These are very popular products due to the ease and speed with which they can be prepared. Mashed potato made from our flakes or granules can be labelled as “home-made mashed potato” because of the natural structure of the potatoes that is well preserved.