CIPC ban: Mydibel takes on the challenge with its agricultural partners

From 8 October 2020, the use of the active substance Chlorpropham (CIPC) as a potato sprout inhibitor will be strictly prohibited in all EU Member States. This decision taken by the European Commission closes the debate on the health risks caused by this molecule.

This ban lowers the Maximum Residue Limit (MRL) from 10 ppm to 0.01 ppm, the limit of detection.

However, due to the persistence of the molecule and its widespread use during storage campaigns in the last decades, the European potato sector has introduced a request to increase - temporarily - the Maximum Residue Limit in tubers. This request, aimed at obtaining a t-MRL set between 0.3 and 0.5 ppm, would avoid a worst-case scenario for the sector due to historical contamination.

While waiting for the issue to be studied and for the European Commission to take a decision, Mydibel is maintaining transparent pro-active communication with its agricultural partners and preparing them to manage the phase-out of Chlorpropham.

Thus, in order to meet the challenge of the new conservation campaign, Mydibel encourages its agricultural partners to respect some important points in each new contract:

  • Prohibition to treat potatoes with CPIC from the 2020 harvest and obligation to comply with the legislation in force
  • Thorough cleaning of warehouses and equipment that have been in contact with CPIC
  • Duty to provide information on clean-up efforts

In addition, Mydibel will also comply with these new requirements by regularly carrying out thorough cleaning of its own buildings and equipment. The company is working with Belgapom and the authorities to develop a representative sampling system.

In line with its values of collaborative transparency and sustainability, Mydibel keeps itself closely informed and communicates with its partners on the situation in real time. Moreover, Marc Van Herreweghe, CEO of Mydibel and President of Belgapom, is involved in the many debates around the CIPC issue. He is in direct contact with EUPPA and Europatat, which are in talks with the European Commission.

Mydibel wants to support its agricultural partners in the future potato conservation campaigns.