Food 25 Nov '19

Child’s play with Mydibel

Ho Ho Ho! You can conjure up wonderful festive meals in no time with the versatile potato products from Mydibel. Snowman, reindeer, jolly Santa Clause: put the kids to work and create something beautiful together!


Silly Christmas elf:

Make a silly Christmas elf using a cherry tomato on a round Hash Brown. Give the elf a ketchup or mayonnaise mouth, olive eyes, and use grated turnip to give the elf flowing white hair. Finish it all with a Duchesses hat with a mini cherry tomato.

Christmas tree:

Stack up a trio of Triangle Hash Browns atop a green-bean trunk. Give your Christmas tree a ketchup smile and olive eyes, and top it with a star-shaped tomato. Decorate your Christmas tree with bell pepper ornaments and garlands of chives.

Jolly old Saint Nick:

The basis of our jolly old Saint Nick is an oval Hash Brown. Use olives to give the Hash Brown Santa some eyes. Use grated turnip to give him wavy white hair, bushy eyebrows, and a big beard. Use ketchup for his mouth and nose. Give him a tomato stocking cap with a slice of radish for the pompom at the end.


Surprise your littlest ones with a funny reindeer. Use an oval Hash Brown for the head. Use a slice of cucumber for the snout, with a ketchup nose and mouth. Use two slices of radish with olives to make the eyes. Use our Pommes Ardennaises to finish the ears and make antlers using green beans.


You can create this fun snowman right on your plate using a round Hash Brown and a Potato Bite. Use pieces of aubergine to give it a silly hat and eyes, and then add a carrot nose and a bell pepper smile. Give it a broom of dill sprigs and use olive slices for buttons to finish off your silly snowman!