Facts 5 Oct '18

Between pot and pint, around the world


Mydibel participates in the Belgian Fries campaign in Southeast Asia, which is under the direction of the VLAM organisation? (Flemish centre for agriculture and fishing marketing) Because everyone deserves real Belgian fries! For recipe videos and tutorials, take a look at the campaign website www.originalfries.eu!

Spicy Wedges, Cajun Fries, Premium Crunch fries:
...the coated potato products from Mydibel are appreciated worldwide. During lunch and dinner, but also between pot and pint in a chill bar or a pub. Take a look and be inspired by some eating moments around the world.


JAPAN | Fries and Spicy Wedges are completely hot in Japanese bars. Perfect as finger food with an aperitif, or in a deliciously smooth Canadian poutine with a lot of melted cheese and gravy on top. Enjoy until the last bite!

KOREA | In Korea we eat Cajun Fries with our fingers, with a beer and a spicy sauce or mayonnaise. Another portion of fried chicken and a feasting plate is born!

FAMYLLE | Roger Mylle may be enjoying his retirement, but this won’t stop him. Nor are Bruno and Carlo the types to be pinned down. Follow their jolly japes and antics in a fresh episode of the famous FAMYLLE escapades! !