The story of a dream

Family Mylle

From a very young age, Roger Mylle had a passion for the world’s most popular tuber: the potato. That passion was nourished by his parents – farmers in heart and soul. Roger took his first steps in the commercial world as a distributor of agrarian products. Later he specialised in the potato trade. It was his dream to launch a finished potato product someday. Roger bundled his 30 years of experience, a healthy portion of energy and a desire for adventure, and he established Mydibel in 1988. Step by step, he transmitted his passion to his sons, Bruno and Carlo Mylle, and, when he retired in 2009, also handed over the company to his sons, under whose direction Mydibel grew into a dynamic and pioneering family business, active in over 100 countries.



Founding of Mydibel

Founder Roger Mylle builds the brand new factory together with his family and finetunes the potato processing. The very first Mydibel fries are rolling of the production line in April 1988.


Start production mash potato specialities

In 1998 Mydibel expands its product range with mash potato specialities. After thorough testing the first potato shapes are being packed under Mydibel label. Croquettes, Noisettes, Duchesses and Hash Browns are one of the many newcomers in the Mydibel family.


Start production potato granules and flakes (Gramybel)

Due to the rising demand for dehydrated potato products, Mydibel also extends from 2002 to the production of potato granules and flakes. In December 2001 the purchase of the buildings of an old textile factory was signed and in March 2002  the first Mydibel potato flakes were already a fact. No time wasted, as they say!


Launch 'Green Factory' project

Since the start, Mydibel carries a heart for a green future. Mother Nature is invaluable. Every year she gives us the potato, the perfect basis for our tasty and nutritious potato creations. From 2005, we placed this green philosophy under the title 'Green Factory'. And since then our green initiatives have only increased.


The Mylle family, 100% shareholder of Mydibel

Its family character is additionally reinforced when in 2009 the family Mylle obtains 100% of the Mydibel shares.


Based upon fresh potatoes

At the new state of the art production factory for mashed potato specialities such as croquettes, noisettes, hash browns and mashed potato, the products are all made out of fresh potatoes.


New fully automated logistic center

Impeccable service, that's is our goal here at Mydibel. Due to the continuous growth over the years Mydibel invested in a brand new cold store, where our potato products thrive perfectly at temperatures of -22° C. This fully automatic storage space can hold 31,000 pallets and enables loading of 120 pallets per hour.


Construction of a new potato grading area

Simplifying the potato flow for the three production units. With this clear mandate Mydibel invested in a high-performance potato reception and grading area. All incoming potatoes for Mydibel are being processed and forwarded according specification to the various production sites.


Expansion of the Green Factory site

With the expansion of the Green Factory site Mydibel focuses even more on the aspect "sustainable corporate development". With the construction of a new biogas plant Mydibel produces its own green energy through fermentation of potato residue and recovers heat and water that can be reused in production. This means Mydibel uses100% of the potato and external wast transport is redundant.


Myfert, the green fertilizer

With Myfert Mydibel closes the circle completely. This green fertilizer is the by-product of the fermentation of potato residue, which is processed in the bio-digester. Of nature, for nature, completely naturally. And tha's how we like it at Mydibel.


Start construction of the production capacity increase

100.000T extra production capacity for potato fries and cut specialities. This capacity expansion is fully operational since the autumn 2017.